Functions and tasks

The main tasks of Belarusian Railway are:

  • trains traffic safety;
  • improving the quality and culture of passenger service;
  • systematic and integrated development of the material and technical base and social sphere of Belarusian Railway;
  • maintenance of structures, devices and technical equipment;
  • environmental protection from pollution and other harmful effects;
  • ensuring mobilization readiness of relevant facilities, protection against disclosure of information being state secrets.

Belarusian Railway in accordance with the tasks assigned to it and within its competence:

  • predicts the volume of transportation of passengers, goods and luggage, ensures the development of the carrying capacity of Belarusian Railway in accordance with the needs of the state, legal entities and individuals in transportation, develops annual, monthly plans for the transportation of goods, as well as operating standards for rolling stock, organizes planning of economic and social development organizations;
  • manages the transportation process;
  • provides a unified scientific and technical policy, continuous improvement of the technical level of production, improvement of technological processes;
  • carries out in the prescribed manner investment activity, design and construction of buildings and structures of the first and second levels of responsibility and engineering surveys for these purposes;
  • provides control over the completeness and timeliness of revenue from the transportation of passengers, goods and baggage and the implementation of other transport works and services, helps to strengthen the financial situation of organizations, reduce costs and increase profits (income);
  • logistics of organizations;
  • carries out in the prescribed manner foreign economic activity;
  • takes measures to strengthen labor discipline, organizes training and retraining of personnel, provides a combination of professional, economic and legal training, works to improve standardization and remuneration, increase production culture, labor protection and safety precautions;
  • organizes trade and consumer services for employees of the Belarusian Railway and its member organizations, members of their families;
  • takes, within its competence, measures for the social protection of workers of Belarusian Railway and its member organizations;
  • draws up a consolidated balance sheet of the main activities of Belarusian Railway, provides methodological assistance to organizations in the areas of pricing, finance, labor and wages, the introduction of new forms and methods of accounting and reporting;
  • organizes the development of departmental reporting forms for organizations;
  • carries out, in the prescribed manner, departmental control over compliance with the requirements of the legislation of activities carried out by organizations, including their separate divisions, with a payer account number;
  • manages, within the limits established by law, the militarized guard of Belarusian Railway;
  • oversees fire safety on vehicles of Belarusian Railway along the route, participates in the prevention and liquidation of emergencies, including fires;
  • exercises control over the safety of movement and operation of vehicles on public railway transport, for which it creates special services within, as well as emergency recovery units to deal with the consequences of wrecks and accidents;
  • considers, within its competence, in the manner prescribed by law, appeals (proposals, applications, complaints) of citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as appeals);
  • performs other functions in accordance with the law.