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Concern over possible destructive consequences of turmoil in Belarusian worker collectives

Wednesday, 02 November 2022

Representatives of the Belarus President Administration, defense, security, and law enforcement agencies met with Novopolotsk officials and workers of the oil refinery Naftan to discuss the political and economic situation in Belarus and abroad, BelTA has learned.

Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko noted that representatives of the defense, security, and law enforcement agencies had come to Naftan as one of Vitebsk Oblast's flagship enterprises on an information mission. He said: “Upon instructions of the head of state we've come to inform you about the changes happening in Belarus, including in economy, and report the threats originating from abroad and from the collective West. We've come to talk about the barriers that worry us due to Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. We would like you to distill as much truth as possible from our communication and from the analysis of the situation we have offered. Most importantly, everyone should calmly keep doing their jobs. All of us should care for our own security. Today the matter of unity of worker collectives and the society as a whole has never been more important. Any imbalance of the system (not only the power vertical but the system as a whole in the regions, in worker collectives) can result in chaos, poorer manageability, and slackness. This is why we need discipline at all workstations and with regard to everyone.”

Igor Sergeyenko also said that despite the existing difficulties and the loss of western markets Belarus has managed to adapt and ensure national and economic security this year.